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AccessRX offers comprehensive pharmacy services covering prescription drugs, over-the-counter medications, and advice and information to Toledo, Ohio, and the surrounding areas. Our team can quickly and easily fill your prescriptions, saving you time and money. We also offer a range of specialty services, making us your best option for meeting all of your healthcare needs.

The local pharmacy is essential to improving health outcomes. Here at AccessRX, our expertise provides customers with easy access to prescriptions, knowledge of medications and options available, and assistance in navigating healthcare policies and benefits. We empower individuals through customized solutions and helping individuals better understand what their options are.

How Our Pharmacists Can Help

Pharmacists don’t just make sure customers get their relevant prescriptions. They ensure individuals understand what their options are and how their medications will impact their lives. Our team at AccessRX does more than dispense medication. We make sure you understand the cost and how to navigate the always-changing healthcare field.

Here at AccessRX, we’re your community health hub. Our team gets to know customers to make sure all their needs are met. By offering personalized care and attention, our pharmacy services make sure to meet each individual’s preferences and healthcare needs. When people come to AccessRX, they can expect clinical services like immunizations, private consultations, nutritional counseling, and advice on cold and allergy medications, vitamins, oral health products, and contraceptive needs. We also offer guidance for cosmetic products. No matter what you need, AccessRX can help.

Pharmacy Health Services We Offer

Here at AccessRX, we offer a complete range of pharmacy services. Alongside these, we also provide specialty services such as:

  • Safe Medication Disposal: Unused medications are a source of abuse and theft. Expired medications can lead to serious health issues. Simply throwing these medications away or dumping them down the toilet or drain can lead to serious health issues for everyone in a community. Our teams offer easy medication disposal that eliminates the danger.
  • Medication Therapy Management (MTM): To get the most out of your medications, it’s important to know its effects, how it works and interacts with other medications, and what your alternatives are. Our team makes it a point to provide customers with all the information they need and desire. MTM is designed to optimize treatment so individuals get the most out of their treatment regime and can navigate it without difficulty.
  • Naloxone: Prescription opioid addiction is an epidemic, but there are more and more treatment options available. Because opioids are so potent, it is easy for individuals to overdose. When this happens, time is of the essence. One way to help those overdosing survive is the drug Naloxone, which rolls back the effects of an overdose giving individuals the time they need to get to medical support. At AccesRX, we offer Naloxone and training on how to use it.
  • Medications at Discharge: For individuals who have just completed a treatment program and have been discharged, keeping up with old and new medications is vital. Our team can ensure you are up to date with all your medications, from your treatment program prescription to other medicine for your health needs. This guarantees you don’t miss a dose or derail your treatment regime.

No matter what needs you have, our team is ready and able to help.

Discover What AccessRX Pharmacy Has to Offer

Finding the right pharmacy is key to maintaining positive health. Our pharmacy in Toledo, Ohio, can meet all of your healthcare needs. Our team can answer your questions about your prescriptions, offer advice, help you manage your medications, and find the most cost-effective option. Reach out to AccessRX today at 877.646.9008 to learn more.